Ingredient combinations are of the utmost importance when trying to get our acneic breakouts under control. Each individual is different and you may find what works for someone else doesn’t work for you.

Salicylic acid is better at treating comodones, those annoying white heads and black heads all over our faces caused by a blocked follicle . Salicylic acid helps clear the follicle by increased exfoliation, thus eliminating the build up of dead skin cells.

Benzoyl peroxide brings oxygenation to the area where it is applied and bacteria can not survive in oxygen. Benzoyl peroxide is best for pustules which are those ‘juicy’ type acneic breakouts.

When first starting a home care regime there may be a period of time in which you are determining how the products chosen react with your skin and if the combination chosen is beneficial. There may be the need to swap out a product or two until the desired result is reached.

Important to mention is that consistency is key. Think of your AM and PM skin cleansing regime as medicine for your face.