I wish I had an easy solution to hormonal, environmental, or stress induced acne. Acne is technically ANY amount of inflamed pores that result in pimples whether it be two or twenty . All my life I have struggled with this. With me you have a sympathetic esthetician as well as someone that will tell you it’s absolutely manageable.

Pimples can hurt, they are red, often inflamed and they seem to want to take up permanent residence where you already struggle with pore congestion making a bad situation worse.

What does a person do when this happens?

You need to be incorporating some type of exfoliant into your daily regimen if you are prone to pimples and breakouts. I use a combination of glycolic and salicylic on my break-out areas or when I’m feeling oily in addition to my regular products . The other days I only use retinol at night so that I’m CONTINUALLY encouraging cell turnover and the sloughing of dead skin. If you are breaking out your pores are clogged. It’s extremely possible you need a series of professional treatments with a higher concentration of bacteria fighting ingredients. Once the problem is under control, a home regimen can help KEEP it under control. I can help you select affordable home care products to manage your breakouts and improve your tone and texture.

For grades 3-4 acne ( lots and lots of pustular and cystic lesions) it’s best to go straight to the dermatologist.

Regardless of whether you break out a little or a lot , CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASE. Just stop and think about that for a minute. Your face is rolling around all night on the muck from your hair and the old oils and dirt from your face.

I hope you know you have a friend who understands your frustrations and please feel free to reach out.