Some people feel that they can shop around for their home care products and get them cheaper on-line than buying them from me, for instance. I don’t begrudge anyone a good bargain but I do, however caution you that what you are getting on-line could very well be sitting for many months, even years on the shelf and its efficacy could be compromised. Products sold for retail have an approximate 2 year shelf life. I will NEVER sell you a product that is about to expire . And if I order it from PCA directly and drop ship it to you I can GUARANTEE it’s coming straight from the main distributor in Scottsdale and will have a very long time before it’s expiry. Also, products purchased on-line have no guarantee of quality control in the way in which it has been stored. It could have a perfectly good expiration date but possibly exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations thus compromising the product. Everything on my retail shelf has been obtained straight from the distribution center in Scottsdale and is the freshest batch of product . I encourage you to shop wisely and trust those of us that are authorized retailers.