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What is LED Light Therapy and How Can I Benefit From Using It?

LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diodes. Light Therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. It is used for pain management, acne management, wrinkles, bruising and more. LED was first used by NASA to grow plants in space. The technology was then used by the [...]

What is LED Light Therapy and How Can I Benefit From Using It?2023-04-19T17:40:14-07:00


Hyperpigmentation is a broad term used to describe uneven skin tone resulting from hormones, over exposure to the sun, post inflammatory skin responses resulting from acne, and even some medications. It is possible to reverse the effects of the malfunction of the melanocytes in the skin and achieve a more even skin tone. A [...]


Benefits of Hydro Facial

Hydro Dermabrasion, often referred to as a Hydro Facial, is one of the most requested spa services and for many good reasons. A gentle yet thorough vacuum exfoliation utilizing serums and crystal-free microdermabrasion will leave your skin feeling baby soft and ultra-clean with a dewy, more full and even complexion.  This triple-action process has several [...]

Benefits of Hydro Facial2021-10-12T11:27:05-07:00
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