Adult Acne

Shown is a before picture of acne and I've circled the main area of concern in green. The second picture is one week after using the PCA Acne Trial Kit to begin management of breakouts. Many of the same products can be used for adolescent acne as well.


Seen is a progression of the reduction of pigment using a series of chemical peels. Each treament we prepped the skin with dermaplaning. Client had a series of 4 PCA chemical peels in 4-6 week intervals and is continuing to use the PCA Pigment Gel with Hydroquinone every day for home maintenance.


Considered the safest form of epilation, threading is an ancient art of hair removal allowing the brow to be sculpted with with minimal pain and abrasion to the skin. Threading allows for more precision and targeting of specific hairs to achieve a desired result. Hairs that are extremely short can be removed allowing a cleaner and longer lasting brow shape.